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how to clean acrylic furniture

Acrylic Furniture could easily scratched on the surface from scrubbers or harsh cleaners. These cleaners occurs small scratches on the surface of the material, as a result it looks cloudy. Once the damage has been done, it is difficult to undo it. However, it is possible to prevent if from worsening. Here are the proper

DIY clear luxury acrylic table

DIY Acrylic Table Luxury Clear Acrylic   Modern Coffee Table    Royal Style Coffee Table    Parson Style Table    Round Bedside Stand    Classic Console Table  


Benefits of Acrylic Furniture

Acrylic has the look of glass which gives it a unique style. The main benefit of acrylic furniture is that you can see through it, content is clear from all angles and gives the appearance of taking up no space. This is very helpful for the smaller rooms and encourages its owner to be neat


Acrylic vs Glass

While these two materials are similar in many ways, they both offer advantages in different settings. While glass might be a better option for windows, acrylic is more suitable material for making clear furniture. On the surface, glass and acrylic may look identical but a few things to keep in mind when deciding the materials


Why are Acrylic Legs so Unique?

Designers and high end furniture manufacturers inquire about custom acrylic furniture Legs for their exclusive clients. They request assistance on how to effectively install the legs. We provide solutions and depend on the designer or manufacturer to approve the final product. There are some alternatives that the injection molding plastic industry may provide in the


Quality Crystal Acrylic Finish

A Quality Acrylic Finish , is similar to a Crystal Finish. Producing such a finish does require extensive preparation of the raw material. Our final pieces have a similar reflection effect of crystal. Marion Collection custom furniture pieces, are made with unique techniques reflecting more than 40 years producing high end Acrylic Furniture.


Featured in The Karl Lohnes Daily Blog!

Check out this new blog by Karl Lohnes. Not only are there amazing home transformations but he gives advice on great finds and even recipes! We love working with designers because we get to be a part of their creative process and see how our work is incorporated in their vision. This room is a


Booth 5059 @ The All New Canadian Furniture Show 2015!

Visit us at the all new Canadian Furniture Show (formerly known as TCHFM – The Canadian Home Furniture Market). This show runs from June 4 to 7, 2015, at The International Centre, in Mississauga, Ontario. This show has been an exclusive trade show for the past 40 years. However, this year they are presenting a

Spring Collection

Spring is Finally Here!

We are starting to see more sunny days (along with some rainy ones too). It always seems that once the weather outside starts changing for the better, we cannot help but look inside our home and want some changes as well. They don’t call it “spring cleaning” for nothing. Now is the time when we

Best Small Booth Award

The Toronto Fall Home Show

The show was a great success! We connected with so many people interested in our furniture and enjoyed answering everyone’s questions. People were amazed at the clarity of the material and it’s ability to make the space feel more open. “It really makes the space look so much bigger!” – referring to the Coffee Table