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Acrylic Furniture could easily scratched on the surface from scrubbers or harsh cleaners. These cleaners occurs small scratches on the surface of the material, as a result it looks cloudy. Once the damage has been done, it is difficult to undo it. However, it is possible to prevent if from worsening. Here are the proper techniques for clean acrylic material furniture.

You need:

  • Clean non-abrasive cloth
  • Mild, non-abrasive cleaner
  • Water
  1. i. A strong cleaning solution is needed for the amount of dirt present.
  2. ii. You may wish to mix in a mild, non-abrasive detergent with the water. Some good choices are castile soap, baby shampoo, or mild laundry detergent like Woolite or Dreft. If you are unsure about cleaner is safe then test it on a small hidden area first.
  3. pure-castile-soapiii. Use a  soft cotton cloth like an old t-shirt or a microfibre-cloth moistened with water to gently wipe. Turn the cloth often to keep a clean side on the glass. It’s important to avoid rubbing the dirt on the surface because it can cause more scratching.
    iv. Significant amounts of dirt needs a cloth that is very wet with water. Gently swab the cloth on the surface and allow the water to lift the dirt and “rinse” it away.
    v. Use a second cloth to clean the Material after dirt has been removed with the water then use the same technique described in step iii.

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